Plan India has put forth a strong commitment to support the 2030 Global Goals. The Plan for Every Child (P4EC) initiative, in solidarity with national and international efforts, focusses on reaching out to every child in difficult circumstances towards their wellbeing, well-becoming and right to a dignified life. Justice for Children, stands as the foundation of our approaches of which Gender and Social Inclusion form an integral part across Plan India’s portfolio. Plan India recognises that girls and young women from marginalised communities are not just at risk due to their vulnerable circumstances, but also because of the compounding impact of their gender and identity.

In this context, Plan India organised the Plan for Every Child National Conference in 2016 and 2017. The conference acted as a forum to exchange ideas and foster dialogue on issues related to Children in Difficult Circumstances. In its first year, deliberations from the conference founded the 2016 India Declaration – a commitment by 500 NGOs across 32 States and Union Territories along with key stakeholders in government, media and subject matter experts, to protect and uphold the rights of the child. Following this collective dedication, we examined the interface of inclusion, access and opportunities for girls in our 2017 conference by bringing to the platform, important deliberations regarding solutions and best practices for challenges faced by girls. Furthermore, the conference brought forth voices of the youth from around the country.

The 2018 Conference hopes to bring rich and varied perspectives on Justice for children and system strengthening to safe guard child rights. This year, The P4EC National Conference will be attended by Jurists, officers from different departments dealing with children’s issues, experts and practitioners on child rights from national and international sphere.

Situation of Children in India
  • 23 million children below 6 years are malnourished
    *ICDS Status Report
  • 18 million children live and work on the streets
    *UNHCHR Report
  • 4.3 million children are employed as child labourers
    *2011 Census of India

Plan for Every Child 2018 – Girls Get Equal

Girls Get Equal, the theme for this year’s conference is Plan’s international campaign focussing on advocating for the power of girls and their right to be equally seen, heard and valued. The Plan for Every Child National Conference will aim to address the issues of discrimination against children in difficult circumstances, specifically girls through the national initiative.

  • Explore approaches for System strengthening and policy change, specifically for child protection.
  • Making institutions more gender responsive to accommodate the unique needs of children, especially girls. Acknowledging and addressing specific vulnerabilities so that no child is left behind.
  • Reflection on prevention, Justice and accountability and response in light of policy, practice and role of duty bearers, particularly the Judiciary, Juvenile Justice Homes and Law Enforcement agencies. Discoursing the many ways in which they can empower children to learn, lead, decide and thrive.